3 de jun de 2009

Exclusive Interview With Jason Truby by The Messenjah Brazil - by Benito Zion [English]

Credits for the translation: Mike

1- Benito Zion: So Jason, youre a great guitar player, we all know that, since living sacrifice, always showing your thrash metal side. In P.O.D., you were able to keep the line of the sound after marcos left, but with your own carachteristics and technique. Now the world is chocked once again with your solo albums. How long have you been interested by the style of sound that you do now ?

Jason Truby: First and formost, I love Music. It is a magical gift from our Maker.
I am currently working on a full scale rock album which incorporates all the styles i can muster. I have brought some musicians to help me with live performances, for ex. i used my friend Lance Garvin from Living Sac. to play drums. However, this album is more like Muse or Radiohead than Ls. None the less, I have had a passion for acoustic my entire life.

2- Benito Zion: Are you getting a lot of recognition for your work ?

Jason Truby: Some Recognition, but not as much as i would like, the music business is changing rapidly and it is hard to get distrobution. But the responses i have recieved have been very Kind.

3- Benito Zion: What kind of equipment do you use ? What do you use to get a so beautiful timbre from your guitars ? What amps do you preffer ?

Jason Truby: I use many different guitars and amps. Mainly Ryan, Charis, Breedlove, and Taylor acoustics. Mainly Les Paul, strat, Guild, and Gretch elec. And mainly Mesa Boogie, Orange, Gibson, and Vox amps.

4- Benito Zion: Whats is your feeling about having that many fans here in brazil, having also www.jasontrubybrasil.blogspot.com wich is a fan site created by Julio. And when do you pretend to come here ?

Jason Truby: I Love Brazil. I am very thankful for all fans of the music. But I would Love to come to Brazil Anytime! If there is any promo people who want to contact me let me know!!!

5- Benito Zion: What are your expectations about Finding the quiet ?

Jason Truby: Finding the Quiet is an exploration of acoustic guitar in its raw form. With open tunes and melody exploration, I hope it soothes all who hear it.

6- Benito Zion: Do you intend to play ever again in a band with a style familiar to those ones you already played with ?

Jason Truby: The band i have formed now which i am tracking at this time is very cool. I am excited about performing live with this new music. The band name at this time is just Jason Truby Band. But it is sounding very cool.

7- Benito Zion: Tell us about the best experience you lived with living Sacrifice, P.O.D. and that you’re living right now.

Jason Truby: There are many years of stroies wtih Ls and Pod. Just Know it has been an honor to have music come through me to so many people.
From 1989 to 2009 has been a wild ride, but the best is yet to come!!!

8- Benito Zion: Jason, thank you very much for all the affection and attention for The Messenjah Brasil’s crew, your fans will surely be pleased with this interview, so, can you leave a message to all of them ? God bless you brother, and I wish you the best lucky in the world with your new project. Keep up the good stuff!

Jason Truby: To the Brazil crew,
Thank you for all your support. I cant wait to share this new music with you all. It has been twenty years in the making. You guys are the life blood of what musicians like myself do.
I am very greatful. Again the best music is yet to come.
The new album should be done with in the next month and hopefully have a release date fall this year.
This is the most amazing music to ever come through my hands!!!
Much love Brazil!!!
Jason Truby

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