12 de jul de 2009

Exclusive Interview With Sonny Sandoval - The Messenjah Brazil BY BENITO ZION [English]

Sonny talks to The Messenjah Brazil, speaks a bit of your life, your projects, POD and by tour of Brazil.

1 – Benito Zion: How was it playing in Brazil ? What is your best memory of playing in here ?

Sonny: Brazil is an amazing place and the people are incredible. My best memory was our first show in Sao Paulo. They set up a stage in the middle of nowhere. It was raining and muddy but the Warriors represented as expected

2 - Benito Zion: We see an evolution musically every album you release, were you guys able to achieve 100% of the ideas to the WAASD ?

Sonny: Yes, I believe so. Every album we make it has its own blend of sounds. We've been writing music for a 16 years and we've grown not only as musicians but as people also. Most bands tend to put out the same album every time. There's never any progression or growth.

3 - Benito Zion: Do you have any musical side project ?

Sonny: I always want to be involved with music. Music is a part of my life. I'm working with bands as well as planning a solo record.

4 - Benito Zion: are you guys thinking about releasing a new live CD or DVD ? Lots of bands throughout their careers released acoustic albums, do you plan to do that ?

Sonny: We released a DVD years ago. The music business has changed so much who knows what the right thing to do is. Anybody can put together footage or music and get it out there.

5 - Benito Zion: Is there any place in brazil that you would’ve liked to visit in brazil but you didn’t have the time to do it ?

Sonny: We didn't get to play Rio De Jenero. That would have been cool. We never got the chance to see the ocean. I'm a water guy. I love being by the ocean.

6 - Benito Zion: Sonny, what is the meaning of tattoo to you ?

Sonny: I've been getting tattoos since I was 18 years old. They all blend together these days. They all represent my faith, family, and traditional work.

7 - Benito Zion: After this stop, what’s the purpose of P.O.D. ? Release a new album? Play WAASD a little more.. ?

Sonny: We've been taking a break since our tour in South America. We have a couple shows here in the states this year but everyone is working on their own things right now. We've been playing for 17 years. I think its time to rest.

8 - Benito Zion: Is there any chance of playing in Brazil again anytime soon ?

Promoters say to play every few years so hopefully soon.

9 - Benito Zion: When in Belo Horizonte, (Brazil) you met another face of our country, the reality of our people, how was it visiting the needed communities there exists here ? What you think about the community projects that you saw ?

Sonny: That was honestly by best memory. I love hanging with the people but I want to be one of the people and not have them see me as some American rock star. I like to get to know the people as equals and not see me any different. I love all the people I met.

10 - Benito Zion: Sonny, I wanna thank you for the attention to all the Brazilian warriors, it was a pleasure to realize my dream, to be at your side, sing with you in Belo Horizonte was very special to me, POD is part of my history. Please, leave a message to all the warriors in Brazil.

Sonny: Thank you to all the Brazilian Warriors for representing! I learned a lot while I was in South America. I saw a fire in the eyes of the youth that I don't see anymore here in the states. I was truly blessed and challenged. God Bless Brazil.

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